Estate Planning

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If you are a trustee of a trust,
an administrator of an estate,
or a presumptive heir of
a recently deceased person,

If you have an existing estate plan,
drafted before the mid-2000s, or
have had changes in your family
due to marriage,divorce, adoption,
birth or death,

If you have a family member with
special needs, or a parent who has
physical or cognitive limitations,


I advise families on estate planning, trust administration, business succession, and probate.

A well-drafted (or amended) estate plan can preserve wealth and reduce family discord.

An estate plan can address the needs of traditional, non-traditional, blended, or fractured families, as well as the needs of family members with cognitive, behavioral, developmental, addictive or physical challenges.

With careful planning, family members with special needs may receive an inheritance, or a lifetime gift, while continuing to receive public benefits.

An estate plan may distribute property to heirs disproportionately, according to the grantor’s intentions.

Families with substantial investments, real estate, or business assets, may wish to gradually transfer ownership and management to select children during their lifetime.